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Case Studies

  • Florida: Drinking water across 290 kilometres and 42 bridgesThe 25'000 inhabitants of the southernmost island-Key West, are supplied with drinking water via a pipeline. This Pipeline is mounted on the side panels of the bridges and laid underground on the island. Four booster pump stations and a number of water reservoirs ensure reliable supply conditions and compensate for fluctuations in pressure and volume.
  • Gösgen: New winter loop-pipeline for nuclear power plantThe Gösgen-Däniken AG nuclear power plant in Switzerland commenced operation in 1979. Currently, its annual electrical power output is rated at 1030 MW. The excess heat generated by the steam process, which amounts to 2 GW, is discharged into the atmosphere through a "natural" and "draft" wet cooling tower.
  • Illwerke: Engineering excellence in hydro-electricityAs the largest local energy provider, Vorarlberger Kraftwerke provides 370'000 people with a reliable power supply. The Vorarlberger lllwerke generate additional peak load power. The Alfenz River is dammed at 1'340 m above sea level and directed through the 5.1 km long Albona and Burtscha ll tunnels to the Burtscha reservoir, which has a capacity of 6'900 m3.
  • Singapore: A central waste water treatment system for the futureSingapore is one of the cleanest cities in Asia. As long ago as the end of the 19th century, the first structures were put in place for emptying chamber pots every morning. The first sewerage works started operation in 1910 and additional sewerage installations were added over the course of the years.