With an overview for
the right connection

As a Swiss company, STRAUB stands for premium pipe couplings, which are used worldwide in various fields of applications.


How we think and act:

STRAUB produces pipe connections which can be used universally and quickly. STRAUB couplings are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and not only offer the highest level of safety, but are also economically advantageous. The name STRAUB stands for system independence, reliability and flexibility. Since 1954.

Swiss made - think globally and act locally
To ensure that our couplings can be used safely and quarantee STRAUB quality beyond our national borders, we use regional resources and maintain local partnerships. As part of the Aliaxis Group, we also benefit from a global trading network.

Competence from A - Z
You can rely on STRAUB couplings. Thanks to many years of practical experience in various markets, our customers can rely on lasting quality, which is backed up by our engineering competence. STRAUB is ISO 9001 certified. We accompany you - individually and in tune with the market.

Tradition matched with innovation
STRAUB knows its roots. Company founder Immanuel Straub set himself the goal of connecting pipes in a simplified way. STRAUB remains true to this idea and uses its experience to make a good product even better. That‘s because when we know where we come from, we can understand better where we want to go.

The human factor
STRAUB relies on its employees. They are the heart of our company and the assurance that we can stand by our customers as strong partners. At STRAUB, different cultures meet different ways of life. Nevertheless, we are all one: we are STRAUB.

In harmony with the environment
STRAUB is ISO 14001 certified. This environmental management standard includes the regular review of set environmental goals and the continuous improvement of the company‘s environmental policy. This is important to us because we only have one world.