Обзор правильных

SНазвание швейцарского предприятия STRAUB означает производство высококачественных продуктов.

Code of Conduct

As a socially responsible and ethical correct acting company STRAUB is committed to the current Code of Conduct and expects the same from its suppliers.

All STRAUB employees are obliged to keep their manner towards customers, co-workers, suppliers, competitors, government and public authorities at highest professional standards.

The following principles of conduct must be respected by Straub employees at all times:

  • The applicable laws and regulations must be complied with
  • STRAUB employees follow high ethical standards. They respect human dignity and the rights of others, regardless of race, faith, age, physical condition, nationality, sexual orientation or gender.
  • STRAUB employees do not accept any unauthorized benefits that go beyond the usual freebies. They also do not offer any to third parties.
  • STRAUB employees avoid any situation through which conflicts of interest to the disadvantage of STRAUB occur.
  • STRAUB employees keep confidential data such as business, financial, technical data etc., as well as confidential internal classified documents, secret. They refrain from illegitimately acquiring possession or property rights which belong to STRAUB or third parties.
  • STRAUB employees actively support STRAUB in the implementation of  these codes of conduct
  • STRAUB will monitor the compliance of these principles and if contraventions are ascertained  take appropriate sanctions.

Furthermore, we refer to the Code of Conduct of the Aliaxis Group.

Code of Conduct